Types of proxies


The proxies are used for providing the indirect connections between computers and internet services. In fact, the client initially connects with the respective proxy servers and requests a file. The interconnections are used to provide interaction between clients and different servers. The servers are varied with respect to the IP address of the computer. in fact, the client requests are handled by the proxies.

Following are the different types of proxies used to handle the client sever interaction!

Web proxies

The web proxies are commonly used proxy and the files in the web pages are identified with the help of cache. The local clients are allowed to access the connection quickly and reliably with the help of web proxies.

However, the web-based proxies are processed by considering the URL. The requested files are immediately responded with respect to the local cache. In fact, a complicated algorithm is used to perform the client server processes.  The algorithms used for processing this operation are LFU and LRU. The acronym of LFU is Least Frequently Used and the acronym of LRU is Least Recently Used.

CGI proxies are another special web proxy, which allows the clients to access the site through the desired path. In fact, for implementing a proxy, PHP or CGI are commonly used!

Transparent proxy Servers

These kinds of proxies are used to reveals the identity of the http headers and the original IP address of the system. The server program collects the caches and other information from the client system. In fact, using these proxies might lead to IP ban so users must be aware of these conditions.

Distorting proxies

Distorting proxies helps to reveals the identity of the proxy server but it wound not provides the incorrect IP address through http headers


EBook software suggestions for better reading experience

Software suggestion

Nowadays, it is been regular for most people to read some stories and other stuffs in their personal computer. For that, they need best EBook software in order to enhance their reading experience.

It is not easy to identify the best EBook software because plenty of EBook software is available on internet. By concerning this situation, I have listed some EBook software and it never fails to enhance your reading experience.


Caliber eBook software

If anyone asks about best eBook software then, my software suggestion would be Caliber eBook. This software holds many interesting features and it categorize the files that you have viewed previously. If you want to discover the organized reading experience then it would never fail to fulfill your requirement. The software is programmed flawlessly and the digital resource helps to enhance the reading experience of any kind of document. The interesting feature in this software is, it converts any kind of files into readable format.

Adobe eBook software

It is not possible to list the eBook software suggestion without Adobe software. In fact, it is the familiar and holds majority of users from all around the world. This software brings whole new experience in reading. The manipulated views and other features keep this software at this list. The designing of this software is simply suburb and the essential toolbar are placed in the right place. Surprisingly, you are allowed to change the font size of any document.

Kindle eBook software

Another great eBook software is Kindle eBook software that has plenty of features and brings reading pleasure for the user. This software allows the user to access the reading materials available on the Amazon’s kindle store. This store holds many books and users can make utilize of those books.