The Information about the 904l Stainless Steel

Manufacturers and 904L stainless stockholders, delivering to the UK’s whole. West Yorkshire Material is companies of plate and 904L stainless steel bar. This quality can be an austenitic stainless specification supplying reasonable to corrosion resistance that is substantial. Resistance that is excellent is offered by its high metal arrangement to pitting in an extensive selection of situations. Its welding features are improved by the low carbon content of 904L. The chromium, molybdenum articles of 904L give a better chloride pitting corrosion resistance.

Form of Supply

West Yorkshire Steel is suppliers and stockholders of circular bar, sheet and plate in 904L metal. Diameters could be supplied your needs with bandsaw cut. Floor 904L metal bar could be generated, supplying a superior quality precision-ground stainless club for your small specifications. Additionally obtainable in plate which can be offered as 904L plasma cut bits.


904L is popular inside the chemical coal and oil industries. Standard programs include manifolds heat exchangers and tanks. Its suitability is aided by copper to the formula of 904L’s addition for components including tanks as well as other goods used in managing sulphuric acid. The 904l stainless steel is widely used across the globe because it is corrosion resistant because it contains nickel composition which provides the good durability.

Corrosion Resistance

May not be unsuitable where a level of weight to pitting corrosion much better than 316 is necessary 904L. Using its superior nickel material at 25% it gives enhanced opposition to chloride stress corrosion cracking when compared with different austenitic grades such as 304.

904l stainless steel


904L may be welded utilizing popular blend and resistance practices. There is a more alloyed product advised to provide properties inside the weld to the maximum rust. We suggest you contact your welding consumables company who should provide you information and entire aid 904L metal.

904L metal combines molybdenum and copper with metal for extremely improved opposition to minimizing chemicals. It stands up well to chlorides in the setting for minimal pitting in addition to stress corrosion cracking. The 904l stainless steel are used at large manufacturing units in order avoid any unwanted incidents.

This metal to fit your purposes using our in-house processing functions and company in your schedule can be processed by us.

Level 904L stainless steel is one of the most significant stainless steel grades that may be purchased at Tampa Bay Material.

The “L” in 904L means Low Carbon, especially, that carbon added to the alloy shows less or.03 percent. This means that 904L has very good welding properties. It’s also an austenitic alloy, meaning a nonmagnetic solid option of carbon or ferric carbide in metal is used to improve corrosion resistance.

Properties and Uses of 904L Stainless Steel

904L cannot be hardened by heat treatment. You can weld 904L stainless employing any common strategy, however it is vulnerable to breaking that is hot. It can be machined but does not machine effectively.

Widespread applications take advantage of rust resistance that is 904L’s. These include p handling plants, pulp and report functions, equipment for cooling seawater and environmental equipment.

The chemical control business makes extensive utilization of 904L stainless due to its rust resistance that is broad. Among 904L stainless manufacturers, Tampa Bay Aluminum has the greatest 904L dish catalog in Florida.


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